Key partners seek ways to improve quality education


VP Faure receiving Dr Marope at State House on Saturday

The General Education Quality Analysis Framework (GEQAF) was introduced during a session chaired by Vice-President Danny Faure at the National House on Saturday.

The framework was developed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) in collaboration with its member states.

Its objective is to strengthen national capacity in assessing education systems based on local knowledge and expertise.
The GEQAF contains 15 analytical tools covering all key aspects of an education system taking into account the interdependencies and linkages between them.

Ministers for Health Mitcy Larue and for Education Macsuzy Mondon, secretaries of state, principal secretaries as well as senior lecturer at the SEED institute in Singapore, Mona Tan were among those present.

Dr Mmantsetsa Marope said Seychelles has made a lot of progress in terms of access to education but more needs to be done in the education sector to meet the education goals of 2015.

Dr Marope addressing delegates and guests at Saturday’s session

In her presentation, she stressed that poor quality of education has implications in the development of the society and that all sectors need to come together to start dialogues and seek ways to move forward.

Speaking to the media, principal secretary for education Merida Delcy said Seychelles will use the GEQAF as a guide in the education system.

This will allow the education sector to look at the practices being used at present, their effectiveness and how the ministry can improve, she added.

Mrs Delcy said from this introductory session, dialogues will have to be held at national level and across sectors to help put in place strategies which will help the education system move forward, hence benefit the society in general.

After the presentation, those at the session asked questions and shared suggestions on how all sectors can work together towards a common goal.
Dr Marope also held discussions with Vice-President Faure at State House before the session.

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