Seychelles sends troops to regional standby force


The troop from Seychelles will be joining a regional multidimensional force comprising of about 1,250 military, police and civilian components from 11 member countries of Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF).

Mashariki Salaam 2013 is organised in the framework of Eastern African Standby Force to validate procedures of the peace support operation.

Seychelles’ involvement is another training opportunity to prepare its people with the multidimensional force, which will exercise on the themes of peace keeping operations, disaster management, counter terrorism and counter piracy, all relevant themes to enable EASF build capacity to address the eminent threats in our region such as disasters.

The EASF is one of the five regional components of the African Standby Force established by the African Union for the purpose of enhancing peace and stability on the continent.

By conducting the Jinja exercise, the EASF is testing its readiness to implement the African Standby Force roadmap in conflict prevention, management and resolution in the region.
The troop from Seychelles departed on Sunday and will return on Sunday May 26.

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