Karate: Combat Tang Soo Do & Haedong Kumdo -Tsultrim, Cherry win a silver medal apiece


Silver medallist Cherry

Not only did Tsultrim take part in the championship. Together with Andre Lucas they took part in a three-hour grading session last Friday – a day after arriving in Bloemfontein.

Head of delegation and coach David Esparon said that Tsultrim and Lucas had to pass a fitness test before proceeding to do the grading itself.

Masters Gregory Hart and Liza Cotzee examined the two Seychellois who were aiming to reach higher grades. Both Tsultrim and Lucas were successful. Tsultrim is now a first dan black belt holder and the more-experienced Lucas a third dan black belt.

The following day – Saturday – Lucas, Tsultrim and Cherry took part in the Combat Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo South African Championship and performed well according to Mr Esparon.
He said they impressed those in attendance.

Silver medallist Tsultrim

Competing in the first to third dan black belt adult category kumite event, Tsultrim proved to be in inspired form as he won six of his seven bouts to claim a silver medal in the round-robin tournament. 

Mr Esparon said if it was not for a refereeing error, Tsultrim would have won the gold medal as he lost three clear points which were not awarded by the center official who missed the actions.
The 18-year-old’s speed contributed to his good performances as he even managed to collect victory against his coach Andre Lucas.

Lucas finished in fourth place, while Cherry was injured in his first bout against an opponent who was eventually disqualified for the incident.

Lucas promoted to third dan black belt

Cherry was unable to take any further part in the kumite event but was fit enough to compete in the kata event and won a silver medal.

Mr Esparon, who was also a judge for the kata event and corner judge for kumite, said he is satisfied with the overall performance of the team, especially when taking into account that they had the test the night before.

He added that Tsultrim did so well that Grandmaster Edward Jacobsen (holder of an 8th dan black belt in Combat Tang Soo Do, 7th dan Haedong Kumdo, 6th dan Kido and 5th dan Hapkido) has invited him to be part of Team Africa alongside four South Africans for the World Combat Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo Championship to be held in the Netherlands in October.

In addition, Grandmaster Jacobsen and Master Gregory Hart (6th dan black belt Combat Tang Soo Do and 3rd dan black belt Haedong Kumdo) have decided to visit Seychelles next year to conduct grading and seminars.

Tsultrim, Cherry and Esparon returned on Sunday, while coach Lucas is still in South Africa where he is following a two-week training seminar conducted by Master Gregory Hart.

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