Post-secondary students more aware of CBS’ functions


CBS workers passing on knowledge of the work to Sals and School of Business Studies and Accounting students

This was through a two-hour talk held yesterday which highlighted the roles and functions of this institution.

The talk was conducted by staff of the CBS working in three of the institution’s divisions.

Students learned of the overall roles and functions of the bank as well as of the three divisions – banking services, financial markets, and research and statistics.
Through the presentations they learned about the various career opportunities at the Central Bank.

Director of the School of Business Studies and Accounting Josianne Bristol said such talks are important because these students go to work in those institutions after their studies, so there is a need for them to know more about these workplaces.

She added that such talks will also be held with other organisations and workplaces.

Students had the chance to ask questions about the presentations and Central Bank in general.

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