Reports of minor injuries as buses collide at Anse Faure


The two buses blocked the road for sometime

The buses – both 1318 models – came from opposite directions and suffered damage to their front ends. When the Nation team got to the scene, both buses had been placed in the same lane to allow traffic to continue flowing easing congestion that had resulted as the buses had earlier blocked the road completely.

The police department said they received a call at around 11.35am that there had been an accident in the Anse Faure area, just above the Katiolo nightclub.

The Fire and Rescue Services Agency was also at the scene to give a helping hand, and its officers were using a dispersant to remove diesel which had spilled over a large stretch of road.

Before going to press, Nation spoke to English River health officials, who said that eight people had been transported there with minor injuries, but had all been released after getting medical attention.

Yesterday’s accident happened only metres away from where another fatal accident took place on May 1, 2011, where a Mauritian lady lost her life when a pick-up truck they were travelling in left the road and plummeted down the embankment.   

At the time of going to press, no further details had been received from the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation.

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