Cool Sun launches exciting promotion with lots of cool prizes up for grabs!


Staff of Dan’s Import Company and Mr El Accad displaying some of the products that are on sale

The promotion has already started and there are now 10 packs of Cool Sun available in shops all over the country. The 10 packs contain scratch cards which contain a variety of prizes, from cash prizes to getting the chance to win a family trip to Dubai.

The chief executive of Cool Sun company, Nils El Accad, told Seychelles Nation that the promotion is a way of thanking their clients for appreciating the product.
“We will also gather feedback from consumers and see how we can improve our product and service,” he said.

The cash prizes include two of R10,000; four of R5,000; 20 of R2,000; 30 of R1,000, and 50 of R500. There are also 2,000 Cool Sun 10 packs to be won.

As for the biggest prize, it is a family trip to Dubai for two adults and a child. It includes hotel to airport and vice-versa transfers, hotel stay for five days, dinner at the world’s largest fountain, city tour on a double-decker bus, and a VIP tour of the Cool Sun factory based in Dubai.

People who get a scratch card saying ‘A chance to win a family trip to Dubai’ can redeem their cards at specific shops all over the country, and the cards will be put into a drum. A total of 160 of these cards have been placed in shops.

After September 15, the drums will be collected and after that a raffle will be held and the lucky winners announced.
During the event, local football team Beau Vallon FC were presented with a set of Cool Sun emblazed uniform to be used for the team’s matches. Dereck Forte accepted the uniform and Mr El Accad said the team will receive two cartons of juice for every game.

Cool Sun is imported by Dan’s Import Company, and each member of the company received a Cool Sun 10-pack, and those who were lucky enough to get a chance to vie for the Dubai trip dropped their cards in the drum.

Mr El Accad said Cool Sun is sold not only to Seychelles, but to many other island nations like Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Haiti, Barbados, Martinique and Guadeloupe.
He added that this campaign has been tailored especially for Seychelles.

Mr El Accad presenting Mr Forte with the new uniform for the Beau Vallon team

“We included the cash prizes so that as many people as possible get a little something, also as a way of saying thank you to our clients for enjoying our product,” he said.

Mr El Accad said there are many environmental benefits to buying Cool Sun, such as around 100 empty Cool Sun pouches fitting inside one of its 10 packs, the latter being fully biodegradable.

There will also soon be a monthly promotion for shops and supermarkets, where they will be rewarded for having the best Cool Sun display in their shop. Mr El Accad said the best display would not necessarily be the biggest one, and that the winner will win cases of juice from the company.

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