Young teachers learn more about AU and Pan-Africanism


Ms Moustache giving her talk yesterday 

This was during a presentation by Patsy Moustache, who is well versed in African issues and also the desk officer for the AU at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The talk forms part of activities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the OAU/AU.

Seychelles being a member of the organisation since 1976 is joining other members of the body to celebrate this milestone.
Pan-Africanism is defined as an ideology and movement that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide, while African Renaissance is the concept that African people and nations shall overcome the current challenges confronting the continent and achieve cultural, scientific, and economic renewal.

During the presentation Ms Moustache explained to the students the ideas behind the creation of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) which is today the AU, what it is all about, how the body is organised, why it is important for Seychelles to be a member and the benefits it brings the country, among other issues.

Speaking after the presentation Ms Moustache said it is important for young teachers to be well versed in African issues so that in turn they can better teach their pupils about their roots.

“I believe there is a lack of deep understanding of African history and the different movements so this was an opportunity for the student teachers to boost their knowledge of the continent’s affairs,” said Ms Moustache.

She noted that very often many people tend to forget where they come from and refrain from recognising their African roots.
She said the presentation generated a lot of interest from the audience who had many questions.

The presentation was among two others that took place yesterday as part of the FetAfrik programme of activities.

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