Crime rate drops by 15% in 2013


Asp Songor and Inspector Hoareau after the interview










Assistant Superintendant Romano Songor said this in an interview at the Security Campus along Bois de Rose avenue, formerly the coastguard headquarters.

“Comparing figures from 2011 there has been an overall 28% reduction in crime thus far,” said Asp Songor, who was accompanied by Inspector Chrissy Hoareau.
He said the figures have been compiled in collaboration with the National Statistics Bureau, and are contained in a report released by the National Crime Services Division of the Seychelles Police and given to the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan at the end of April 2013.

“The drop in crime has been across the whole spectrum covering house breaking, theft and drug trafficking and credits police presence within community in uniform during patrols and in civilian clothes,” he said, noting the boost in police numbers by recruitment of Gurkhas has helped.

He commended members of the public whom he said have greatly supported the police with vital information to help arrest suspects and prevent crimes.

There has been an increase in recorded offences related to alcohol abuse partly because the police have been more proactive, he said.

In the report, the police said that they remain confident that with improved and efficient management of their service, they will see better results.

The report is said to have added that the improvement follows increased intervention in cases of suspicious activity by police during patrols.

Police in action at a check point

“What this means for the general public, with the police still acknowledging that any crime reported or occurring is still one incident too many, is that the plan of action by the Seychelles Police is achieving results, and that the men and women of the force are increasingly continuing to develop a professional approach to policing and are continually motivated in the fight against criminality,” said the ministry in a statement, which quotes Mr Morgan as saying:

“We will redouble our efforts so that our communities see further marked improvements. For that to happen however we will need the continued assistance of those very same communities who have stepped up to report suspicious activities, of the judiciary, of the prosecution, of the prison services, and for each and every citizen, to do their part in making Seychelles a safer nation to be in, in 2013.

“And together it can be done.  Thank you to all the men and women of the force who have dedicated themselves to law enforcement for the protection of our country and our citizens,” said Mr Morgan.
Asp Songor reminded the public that reports to the police can be made anonymously by dialing 133 or if an emergency situation arises, by dialing 999. 

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