Fetafrik 2013-Young South African artist’s work on display at Kenwyn House


Sibiya next to one of his art works

This is Sibiya’s second solo exhibition, his first being at Gallery 2 in South Africa only last month.

Print making is the process of making artworks by printing, normally on paper, and is a form of art that is said to be rarely seen in Seychelles.

His Seychelles’ exhibition was officially launched yesterday morning by the principal secretary for culture Benjamine Rose, who said as an artist, Bambo has become a socially aware and highly committed artist.

“Bambo has invented a technique of working in a very detailed and realistic style in the field of print making, thereby exposing the nature of poverty and social deprivation in the township communities of South Africa, and inspiring the youth and other members of the communities to feel empowered to find a way out of their situation, in order to become free and self-sufficient; in the same way he has done and achieved success in the visual arts, by using his own life and experience to become an individual worthy of honour and respect as an artist, and also as curator for the promotion of other artists and their art works,” she said.

Visitors admiring Sibiya’s work on display at Kenwyn House

Ms Rose said Bambo got into the field of print making when he enrolled at the Artist Proof Studio (APS) for Saturday classes, while at the same time working to maintain himself and his art practice. Eventually, his ability as a fine drafts person earned him the privilege of fulltime study at the same institution, going on to eventually earn a full-time bursary in his second year of study.

Fetafrik is an annual cultural festival where our historical connections and political affiliations with the African continent are celebrated, as well as the cultural exchange programme with the government of South Africa. Mr Sibiya’s works will be on display until tomorrow, May 25, and are not for sale.

Immediately after the launch of his exhibition, Sibiya spent some time explaining his work and inspirations and story behind each work of art to the guests, which included a number of local artists.


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