National Assembly Question Time-Focus on education and tourism projects


Vice President Danny Faure will also be present at the sitting alongside the Minister for Environment & Energy, Prof. Rolph Payet, to answer an urgent question by the leader of government business, Marie-Antoinette Rose.  The question will focus on many issues relating to the tourism development projects at Grand Police and Cap Ternay, including the issue of environment as well as government’s policy on foreign direct investment in the country.
The Assembly will also consider two motions.

The first motion, to be tabled by Lenny Lebon, member for Grand Anse Mahé, is calling for the establishment of a clear policy which will allow employees within the public service to work outside their normal working hours as long as there is no conflict of interest.

The second motion, to be tabled by Mirena Souris, member for Beau Vallon, is requesting the government to review its policy regarding admission to the old people’s home with a view to cut down abuse in the system.



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