President James Michel visits farms and related support services-‘Better research for higher quality yields’


President Michel and his delegation at Jean-Paul Geffroy’s farm at Anse Royale …

He added that the research centre holds the key for future development in that sector and that there should be more communication and exchange of knowledge between producers and the government.
President Michel made these remarks on Wednesday after making a visit to some farms as well as other related support services in that sector.

The President visited the old and new laboratories at Grand Anse, the research centre at Anse Boileau, Roucou’s animal feed plant and farm at Anse Boileau, as well as the farms belonging to brothers José Pool and Jean-Paul Geffroy at Anse Royale.

the Grand Anse laboratory …

The tour forms part of a series of visits to work places President Michel is undertaking this year. The first was at the Seychelles Fishing Authority and fisheries related infrastructure in April.

The President was accompanied on his Wednesday visit by the Minister for Natural Resources and Industry Peter Sinon, natural resources and industry principal secretary Michael Nalletamby, special adviser to the minister Antoine-Marie Moustache, Seychelles Agricultural Agency’s chief executive Marc Naiken, agricultural expansion services director Gilbert Port-Louis, director of planning Linetta Joubert-Estico, director of research and development Keven Nancy, plant protection services director Randy Stravens, senior laboratory technician Barry Nourrice, manager of livestock and plant protection services Will Dogley, vet and principal officer for livestock development and research Dr Christelle Dailoo, and officials from the Office of the President and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Industry.

… the Anse Boileau research centre …

Mr Michel said that the visit was an opportunity for him to see what is happening in the agricultural sector which is also a pillar of the economy, and also see the level of improvement as a result of the different measures being put in place and how this sector can move forward in its development.

Happy with what he saw at the renovated Grand Anse-based research centre which has a server room, offices, a weighing room and state-of-the-art equipment in its four laboratories (seed testing, physics, chemistry and instrumentation), President Michel said that the centre holds the key for future development in that sector.

“The research centre should make further studies and see how best to develop plants that can easily adapt to our climate taking into consideration the effects of climate change as well as our soil types in order to have a better variety of plants for more harvesting,” said Mr Michel.

He added that it is encouraging to see the progress made by the different farms he has visited and commended the entrepreneurs and farmers for their hard work.
The President noted that this visit has given him hope for the future seeing the work being done by the government to improve this sector and how the farmers have introduced innovative ways to continue to develop the land and grow food which they are selling at an affordable rate to local consumers.  

… José Pool’s farm …

“Everyone involved in this sector should join hands, work in partnership and take ownership of the agricultural sector. The government, agencies, entrepreneurs and farmers should work together to see how best to develop this pillar of our economy. The government will continue to give its support and listen to the farmers, take into account their ideas to find solutions to issues affecting them,” said President Michel.

The President added that the government is doing its best to give more loans to entrepreneurs, especially small businesses in the agricultural and fisheries sectors, adding that the country needs to continue encouraging small businesses so that they can invest and succeed.

The entrepreneurs and farmers expressed their gratitude for meeting the President with whom they discussed their challenges, successes and innovative measures they have been putting in place to give a better service to the public.

… and Roucou’s animal feed factory

Mr Michel said there should be an improved collaboration between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Industry, the Seychelles Agricultural Agency and the private sector to address any weaknesses and at the same time encourage young people to take up a career in agriculture as we also need technicians to help improve the quality of farming in Seychelles.

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