Exhibition highlights importance of metrology in everyday life


Visitors at one of the stands in the SBS exhibition

This was during a one-day exhibition at the Orion mall, an activity to mark the World Metrology Day which was celebrated on May 20.

The day marks the signing of the metre convention in 1875 which provides the basis for a coherent measurement system worldwide.
Measurements in daily life was the theme chosen for this year’s World Metrology Day.

Checking the time, filling up a vehicle with fuel, undergoing a blood pressure check and countless of other activities in our daily lives require measurements.

Speaking to journalists, the engineering and metrology services manager Gilbert Madeleine gave details on the importance of equipment used at the units and the services they offer.
Mr Madeleine said there is a need to educate members of the public on measurements in their daily lives.

He said it is important for people to know how to measure unnecessary radioactivity, especially those working at places such as the airport, hospital and other areas where there is radioactivity.
A dosimeter badge is used to measure radioactivity and this should be monitored every month to see if it has been exceeded. This is important as high and too much exposure to radioactivity can lead to cancer.

Members of the public need also to be aware of their rights when buying goods that require to be measured or have already been measured.

These rights include requesting to see that the scale has been verified by SBS, ask that the pre-packed goods be re-measured or re-weighed, and inform the SBS on matters regarding any discrepancy in the measurement.

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