More leisure and educational activities for Anse Etoile school


The new facilities brought smiles to the faces of the Anse Etoile pupils

Present at yesterday’s ceremony were the director general for schools Odile Octave, chief executive of the Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) Shirley Choppy, ministry of education staff, parents, Anse Etoile school’s staff and pupils.

There were performances by the pupils and the school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) chairman Ian Charlette thanked the National Early Childhood Care and Education trust fund for giving a sum of R100,000 for the playground, adding that the school contributed 25% of the cost.

Herman Maria installed all the equipment in the playground for free, while the language room was sponsored by the parents.

In this room the pupils can get access to different books, dictionaries, games. And the room has colorful furniture that makes it conducive for learning.
Head teacher Daniella Antat said the pupils will get the chance to use the room in the English reading lesson. 

She added that the pupils will be allowed in the room during lunch time but they have to be accompanied by a teacher.

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