Sonny D releases new Aids song


Sonny DThe song was released on Praslin on Saturday May 25 after the candlelight memorial march at Baie Ste Anne.

This song, a reggae, talks about the fact that there is yet no cure for Aids which is still spreading, and the need for people to bring love and care to their family.

Sonny says he will give a copy of the song to the local radio station soon. Meanwhile his group Next Step is organising a show in aid of a former group member who is admitted at the North East Point hospital with brain tumor.

More details of the show, which is scheduled for July 6 at the International Conference Centre, will be given in due course.
The last time the group held a fund raising show for the same cause, R5,000 was collected, Sonny says.

He says the money will be used to cater for some of the needs of their hospitalised colleague.

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