Disabled hone skills in basic computing


The start of lessons on Wednesday

The Computing and Additional Learning Centre is hosting the group for the training which started on Wednesday and is expected to be carried out two days a month for a period of four months.

An initiative of the Love and Care Association, the training aims to arm the young disabled with computer skills so they can find employment, further develop their own potentials and be independent.

The chairperson of the Love and Care Association Anne Jacques said the association was formed over a year ago by a group of volunteers with the aim of providing help to parents of disabled children.

“Disabled youths have great potentials too and at the end of the training they will be awarded a certificate based on their merit,” said Ms Jacques.

While some of the young disabled already have some computer knowledge, for others it will be a new experience.
Ms Jacques said the association has invited parents to accompany their children and give them support throughout the training.

A group of parents and volunteers turned up on Wednesday to support the students at the start of the lessons.
On behalf of the association Ms Jacques thanked Clivy Albert of the Computing and Additional Learning Centre for agreeing to host the training and supporting the association.

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