New day care centre for Pointe Larue


A partial view of the new day care centre

It was the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, Vincent Meriton, who had the honour to unveil the commemorative plaque accompanied by the district administrator, Jenita Adela, in the presence of the district’s member of the National Assembly Jennifer Vel, school teachers, parents, children and other invitees.

In a short speech to mark the occasion, Minister Meriton said that the new facilities, which have been funded by the Seychelles’ government, represent the love that the country has for its children and the government’s commitment to the education and development of the people since early childhood.

Minister Meriton however reminded guests present that every one of us, and not only government, has a part to play in the wellbeing of our children.

“The whole community, including leaders, parents, teachers, churches have a role to play in the development of our children,” Minister Meriton said.
On her part, Mrs Adela expressed her appreciation for the new development and stressed the need for children to grow up in a safe environment.

Minister Meriton planting a palm tree in the centre’s garden

“We have waited for the day care centre for a long time and today it has become a reality. We are proud of the new facilities as a next phase in the development of our district,” she said.
A parent, Elsa Dubel, thanked the Seychelles’ government and the Pointe Larue district administration for offering the new facility and at the same time appealed to parents to be more involved in the upbringing of their children.

After the opening ceremony, the new day care centre was blessed by Fathers Lonnie Adrienne and Danny Elizabeth, respectively from the Catholic and Anglican Church, and Minister Meriton planted a palm tree in its front garden.

The Pointe Larue day care centre, equipped with all modern facilities, is ideally situated between the district’s primary and secondary schools and already hosts thirty children. It is managed by Margaret Chang Time who, before being offered the new building, was caring for children in a smaller makeshift centre.

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