Karate: National Championship-Local officials put training to the test as fighters give their all


The referees with Messrs Escalente and Seychelles Karate Federation chairman Donald Celestine

Karatekas from three schools – Kimura Shukokai, Northern Tang Soo Do and Combat Tang Soo Do – turned up for the competition which featured kata and kumite events.
The heat from the mid-day sun made condition less than ideal, but the competitors did not let that deter their determination.

The officials, who were now using the new rules set by the World Karate Federation, made a few errors but as this was the first time they were implementing the new rules, it was understandable. The championship was held in good spirits and the fighters gave those present a good show.

World Karate Federation secretary, Sensei Javier Escalente, who is also the secretary general of the Swedish Karate Federation and the secretary of European Karate Federation referee commission, ran the three-day refereeing course at the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga) headquarters, Roche Caïman.
Below are the top three in each event:

Kata competition

Boys 12 years below brown belt
1. Shawn Hoareau (Kimura Shukokai)   2. Liam Balette (Combat Tang Soo Do)   3. Wagi Moustache (Northern Tang Soo Do) 

Boys 14 years below brown belt
1. Vismith Kanumale (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Daniel Vidot (Northern Tang Soo Do)   3. Vince Chetty (Kimura Shukokai)
Boys 16 years below brown belt
1. Ahmad Pillay (Kimura Shukokai)   2. Alexandre Cherry (Combat Tang Soo Do)   3. Farhaad Suleman (Northern Tang Soo Do)
Boys 21 years below brown belt
1. Liam Suleman (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Aidan Suleman (Northern Tang Soo Do)

Male + 21 years below black belt
1. Louis Vidot (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Steve Marie (Northern Tang Soo Do)   3. John Marie (Northern Tang Soo Do)
Female below black belt 
1. Shujetha Chettiar (Kimura Shukokai)    2. Maia Suleman (Northern Tang Soo Do)

Female black belt

Gretel Valentin	(right) won the female black belt kata ahead of Ghislaine Emmanuel
1. Gretel Valentin (Kimura Shukokai)   2. Ghislaine Emmanuel (Kimura  Shukokai) 
Male black belt 

Male black belt	category winner Bernard Thérésine (centre) with Jocelin Cupidon (right) and James Faure
1. Bernard Thérésine (Kimura Shukokai)   2. Jocelin Cupidon (Kimura Shukokai)    3. James Faure (Northern Tang Soo Do) 

Male team kata black belt
1. Louis Vidot, Liam Suleman, Aidan Suleman (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Bernard Cafrine, Jocelin Cupidon, Bernard Thérésine (Kimura  Shukokai)
Kumite competition

Male 48kg
1. Wagi Moustache (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Lopez Anacoura (Northern Tang Soo Do)   3. Che Benoiton (Kimura Shukokai) and Vismith Kanumale (Kimura Shukokai)
Male 58kg
1. Kevin Domingue (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Farhaad Suleman (Northern Tang Soo Do)  3. Ahmad Pillay (Kimura Shukokai)
Male 65kg
1. Bernard Thérésine (Kimura Shukokai)   2. Jigme Tsultrim (Combat Tang Soo Do)   3. Rodney Amade (Northern Tang Soo Do) and Daniel Vidot (Northern Tang Soo Do)
Male 75kg

Male 75kg kumite winner James Faure
1. James Faure (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Steve Marie (Northern Tang Soo Do)
Male 80kg
1. Liam Suleman (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. John Marie (Northern Tang Soo Do)
Male + 80kg
1. Louis Vidot (Northern Tang Soo Do)   2. Lenny Canaya (Combat Tang Soo Do)   3. Antoine Mein (Combat Tang Soo Do)  

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