President Michel holds talks with Japan’s PM


President Michel with Prime Minister Abe

The President was accompanied by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, Seychelles’ non-resident ambassador to Japan, Philippe Le Gall, and Seychelles’ honorary consul general Norifumi Matsumoto.

The President commended Japan for developing excellent cooperation and friendship with the countries of Africa and fostering strategic partnerships for economic growth.

Mr Michel noted that Seychelles and Japan enjoy excellent relations as both share the same values in terms of developing their green and blue economies.

"We share the same aspirations, and this has contributed towards fruitful discussions with various agencies of the Japanese government. I would like to express our gratitude for the assistance Japan has given Seychelles for the development of our fisheries sector, particularly artisanal fisheries.  This has helped us to develop our self-reliance. The project for the 7th Fisheries Grant of the Japanese government for the extension of the Providence fishing port will be of great benefit to our fishermen and the economy,” said President Michel.

The President also thanked Japan for the technical assistance Seychelles has received for the prevention of coastal erosion and climate change.

“I believe that in partnership with the Japanese government and private sectors we can develop renewable energy projects, especially solar energy," said President Michel.

President Michel thanked Prime Minister Abe for Japan’s support in the fight against piracy as well as for the technical assistance Seychelles received from Japan following the tropical storm Felleng which caused flooding in January this year.

Prime Minister Abe expressed his sympathy to the people affected by this natural disaster and said Japan would continue to aid Seychelles in the area of flood control and coastal erosion.

Prime Minister Abe noted that the efforts of Seychelles and other countries in the region had contributed towards the decrease in piracy activity off the coast of Somalia and added that Japan would continue to support Seychelles in the fight against piracy as well as the prosecution of pirates.

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