Education-New award to promote high performance


It will be based on the schools’ and institutions’ academic performances, students’ attitudes, and the effort and commitment of school leaders and managers to ensure progress and development.

The School Institution Awards, which is to be an annual event with the first award ceremony expected to be held in June next year, was launched on Friday afternoon by the Minister for Education Macsuzy Mondon during a ceremony at the School of Education, Mont Fleuri.

The launch ceremony was attended by officials of the education ministry, members of the school council, National Council for Children, teachers and head teachers among other guests.
Addressing those present, Minister Mondon described the launch of the award as “a bold initiative by the Ministry of Education and an incentive to promote a stronger sense of purpose and provide another source of motivation for our educators”.

“The introduction of an award for our educational institutions is yet another testimony of our relentless drive to promote high performance and reward achievement,” added Minister Mondon. 
She added that “to succeed in our quest to continually improve the quality of educational services our ministry provides, we all have to aim high and seek to produce the best results for our students, for our educational institutions and for our country”.

Minister Mondon noted that today the push to have better schools becomes stronger and stronger and the pressure for schools and the education system to deliver quality services is becoming a frequent topic of discourse by parents, educators, politicians and the public in general.

She stressed on the need to strive harder to improve the quality of education because “in spite of the remarkable progress Seychelles has made in the provision of access to education at all levels, from primary to university, improving the quality of education provided by the state system remains a challenge. For all of us this is a challenge, indeed, but one that is not insurmountable and one that we have to face together, as a nation”. 

Minister Mondon is therefore calling on all educational leaders of our institutions to avail themselves of this opportunity and rise up to the new challenge.

“Mobilise and educate your staff, students and parents on the benefit of taking part in the project and do whatever it takes to win the award. A win for your institution is a win for all of us, educators, students, parents and for the community,” added the minister, who took the opportunity to express her heartfelt gratitude to the team who has worked on the conceptualisation of the award.

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