Campaign raises awareness on preservation of beaches


Our photo shows a group of volunteers in a souvenir photo before taking part in a nation-wide beach-cleaning campaign on Saturday

Students from various primary and secondary schools, representatives from different hotels and environment conservation bodies, ministries and agencies all pitched in.

The beach-cleaning campaign is an initiative of the Seychelles Yacht Charter, supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The activity, which also coincided with the World Ocean Day, aimed to educate members of the public on the importance of removing waste from our beaches and to properly dispose of it so that it does not end up in the ocean.

The clean-up exercise in full swing

When our team from Seychelles Nation reached Beau Vallon beach, students from the Beau Vallon secondary and Bel Ombre primary schools were busy with the clean-up activity, along with students of the Academy by the Sea and members of the Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles. They also went to clean the beaches at Bel Ombre.

Students from the Anse Etoile school helped to clean the North East Point beach.

Beaches were also cleaned in other districts such as Anse Royale, Grand Anse Mahé, Port Launay, Cap Ternay and Intendance.

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