Up Close … with Jude Fred, chairperson and founder of Everlasting Love Ministry-‘You have the right to make a choice, but you need to make the right one’


Jude speaking at the launch of the new programme for students, ‘Prevention is better than cure’From this vision, the Everlasting Love Ministry (ELM) was born and since this day its founder, Jude Fred, has been doing all he can to make the lives of young people in difficulties better.

At a young age, Jude is determined to achieve the goals he has set for the ELM.

About Jude Fred
The 26-year-old of Mont Buxton is married and is the proud father of twin boys.

He spent his primary and secondary school years at Mont Fleuri before pursuing further studies at the Industrial Training Centre which is now known as the Seychelles Institute of Technology at Providence.

Electronics was the field Jude joined in his first year at the institute but then went for a diploma in construction, which made him spend two more years there.

He is now a survey technician by profession but devotes more of his time working with the ELM.

Bringing love and hope to the youths of Seychelles is the ministry’s mission along with its motto which is Zezi I lanmour.
Jude led me back on a tour of how the ELM started.

“The ministry started with a vision I had few years back, calling me to reach out to young people here in Seychelles, bringing them love and hope,” he said.

“In 2010, five of us started this mission, with me as the founder. We met at the playground where we always saw young people getting involved in bad influences such as excessive intake of alcohol.

“We helped them and they wanted to be part of this vision after we had talked to them.

“We started short sessions with young people, talking to them, we organised bible study sessions and from then on the ministry evolved,” he added.

Jude and his team are now temporarily based at the Roche Caiman district administration office but they go out in the different communities for their activities.

Jude with members of his team

The office is used mainly for administrative purposes and to provide counselling to those who need it.
“We normally help out young people from 12 years old to their mid 30s but we also get families and people of other age groups who seek help from us,” he said.

The first project they launched was called the Mobile community outreach project which aimed to reach out to the communities, bringing a spiritual renaissance.

The ELM also works in close collaboration with schools as they have programmes which targets students.
One was recently launched entitled ‘Prevention is better than cure’ aimed towards the prevention of HIV/Aids and teenage pregnancies in the age group of 12 to 19 years.

Gospel shows, workshops and sports activities are some of the other activities which Jude and the ELM host for the young people.

“We visit different places trying to reach out to young people we see sitting by the roadside or getting involved in bad influences or even in the homes,” he said.

“We talk to them though it is not an easy task but we are happy to offer help to those in need.”

There are many constraints in doing these tasks as Jude and his colleagues do it on a voluntary basis.

“But the young people are very welcoming and they do listen. When talking to them, I realise that they are looking for people to listen to them and they want to seek help,” he added.

Whoever wishes to join the ELM team is free to do so, no matter what religion you follow.

“Our ministry is a non-governmental organisation and for our activities we as members contribute to finance what we do,” Jude said.

Main challenges and motivation
“I was criticised a lot when I started this movement. I remember people saying I was too young and that I did not have much life experiences,” he said.

“But I turned those criticisms into motivation as I am a young man who is committed to what I do and those criticisms have given me the will to push forward, to strive and to complete my mission.

“I feel that I have done something to better the lives of young people and what we do in the ELM gives hope to those young people. So I feel encouraged and I want to continue.

“Doing what I do is not easy, as I also have my family but I do it because I have been called by the Almighty to reach out to the youths in need and I have the love for what I do,” he added.

Taking care of his family is a priority in his life and so the ELM founder ensures that he manages his time effectively so that he never neglects his family life.

“I believe that there are a lot of problems in society that is a result of a lack of solid families, which are crucial to combat social ills,” he said.

The young ever determined Jude is motivated by the love of Christ.
“If it was not for Christ’ love and for what he has done for me, I would not have achieved this much in my life,” he said.
“As for someone I look up to is my dad. I love both my parents but my dad is the person who has set example in my life and has created an ideal environment for me to grow up in.”

His passion, dreams and principles
“The ELM is my passion and I am happy to be serving Jesus, and to positively impact the lives of other people,” he said.

“I admire the work being done by the ELM team. We have lots of targets because we want to see a Seychelles where young people seek the Almighty’s presence in their lives.”

When growing up, like many other young boys, Jude wanted to be a pilot as he loved planes.

“But I always felt that leadership was meant for me. I always knew that I was born to lead and to make a difference in the lives of others,” he said.

Even if he has been criticised as being too young to take up such tasks, one can surely learn so much from his wise words, and I share a few with you.

“I believe you have the right to make a choice but you need to make the right choice and you need to have the knowledge to make the right choice.”

“I also believe that one should be truthful, righteous and faithful first to himself before going out to the world.”

“And last but not least, I believe that if a youth seeks the presence of Jesus in his life, it is the best thing that this person can do to better his life.”


By Mandy Bertin

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