Tourism industry-New body to give support to returning graduates


Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange gave that information to the National Assembly during question time yesterday morning.
This was in answer to a question by elected member for Anse Boileau Bernard Arnephy.

Mr Arnephy had asked Minister St Ange about his ministry’s plans in partnership with the tourism industry for returning graduates who have completed their degree studies in hospitality management at the Shannon College.

“If any of the returning graduates encounter difficulties related to their new positions they could seek help, advice and guidance from the committee to resolve those issues,” said Mr St Ange.

He added that the idea is to better help the young cadres so they remain in the tourism industry and their chosen career, something which the country needs.

The committee will have as members hotels’ general managers, representatives from the ministry responsible for employment, Seychelles Tourism Board and the Seychelles Tourism Academy.

Minister St Ange said as the minister responsible for the tourism industry, he has striven to obtain the hotel managers’ commitment to ensure the young graduates occupy key positions in the industry and that they gradually gather the necessary experience.

He added that it is the wish of his ministry that our young professionals in the tourism industry eventually take on more senior positions in the hotels.
Mr St Ange said the first group to graduates from the Shannon College received their degree in March this year.

He said agreements with different hotel managements is that once graduated the young cadres follow an 18-month attachment in large hotel chains and establishments in Europe, Dubai and Seychelles.

Minister St Ange noted that from the group of 13 who graduated from the first cohort, seven chose to come back to Seychelles for their work attachment programme and six chose to do theirs abroad.

Minister St Ange said the idea behind the exercise is to ensure that the young graduates from Shannon College get the right exposure in order to gain experience before they fully integrate into the world of work in the tourism industry.

After the group graduated the Ministry of Tourism and Culture held a meeting with general managers to discuss their training plans and salary packages and other incentives for the new graduates.

Asked if the government plans to increase the number of students to study at Shannon College in view of the high demand for the degree course, Minister St Ange explained that following the graduation of the first group, another group is currently enrolled at the college, a group is on attachment while another is preparing to be enrolled.

He noted that due to the high financial costs attached to such a study programme it is not feasible to increase the cohorts but he stressed that the country has a duty to continue to train its cadres for them to be employed by the industry if we want to see Seychellois occupy high positions in our hotels.

Minister St Ange stressed that in order to have Seychellois cadres pursue a career in the tourism industry they must be properly trained to deliver quality service and encouraged to stay in their chosen profession.

He also informed the Assembly that discussions are ongoing with the University of Seychelles for it to take on the responsibility of providing the advanced diploma courses with Shannon College.

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