Air Seychelles’ board directors meet Seychellois trainees at Etihad Airways


Air Seychelles chairman Joël Morgan, along with other executive representatives from Air Seychelles, meeting Seychellois in training at Etihad Airways Training Academy in Abu Dhabi

The seven engineers, two cadet pilots and five members of the Graduate Management Development Programme (GMDP) are currently enrolled in career development programmes.

The Training Engineer Development Programme includes two years of classroom training in Al Ain and two years of service training in Abu Dhabi. 
The cadet pilots complete 750 hours of classroom sessions and 205 hours flight training in single and multi-engine aircraft. Cadets must also pass the United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority’s theoretical knowledge and flying exams.

The GMDP is a 21-month course which involves nine months of workplace orientation across key Etihad Airways departments, followed by a six-month placement with a specific team of interest. The final six months are allotted for a business-based project.

Upon successful completion of the training programmes, all graduates return to Seychelles and resume working with Air Seychelles.

Minister Morgan said: “The training of our Seychellois nationals at Etihad Airways is another example of the ‘win-win’ partnership between the two airlines, not only in terms of operations and fleet management but also staff development. Etihad Airways is providing an experience through its state-of-the-art training facilities, global management business approach and best practice, enabling Air Seychelles to build a team of world class airline professionals. I urge our Seychellois students to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.”

Elsie Hurst, an Air Seychelles employee in her 10th month of the GMDP, said: “By working with the different business functions and departments, I now have an understanding of the dynamics needed to operate a successful airline.

“I am continually impressed by Etihad Airways’ guest-focused approach and the experience I have gained here is invaluable.  I now know what I need to do to ensure we satisfy passenger demands, regardless of the department I work in at Air Seychelles.”

Air Seychelles chief executive Cramer Ball said: “The most valuable asset of any organisation is its people and that’s why staff development is such a big focus for us. As the national airline of Seychelles, we are committed to supporting a highly-skilled national workforce. I am delighted to see how well the Seychellois trainees have developed and are making the most of this opportunity to receive world class training and experience.”

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