Letter to the Editor-Mersi zot tou!


Through this same national printed medium, I wish to thank all those - so many! - who kindly sent me messages of congratulations and good wishes, not forgetting the prayers which accompanied them.

My unconditional gratitude at this time also goes to Mr Luc Grancourt of Grand Anse, Praslin, who swam out to rescue me when I had drifted from the rest of those who were on board the schooner Ero when she sank on her way to Mahé from Praslin on August 12, 1975 - for his bravery and that of his crew, which led to the rescue of all the passengers on that occasion. It was from that episode that the rest of my existence, which culminated in the thanksgiving celebration of June 9, 2013, followed.

With renewed thanks and blessings on all, especially all those responsibible for the safety of all passengers on land, sea and air.

Bishop French Chang-Him

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