New award to promote sense of purpose among educators


Minister Mondon delivering her speechMinister Mondon said this in her speech at the launch of the School Institution Award last Friday in the presence of school principals and senior education officials as well as chairpersons of school councils.

She described the initiative as a bold one aimed at continually improving the quality of educational services the ministry provides.

“We all have to aim high and seek to produce the best results for our students, for our educational institutions and for our country.  This is what we need and this is what our national theme for this year ‘Striving for our Seychelles’ is calling on all of us to do,” Minister Mondon said.

The education minister is hopeful that the new award system will help promote a stronger sense of purpose and belonging among educators to their institution.

Mrs Mondon added that the education reform undertaken in the last four years came about in an effort to improve the quality of education.

“We have established the platform for progress and we now have to explore all possible avenues and strategies to attain the desired outcomes.  All educational institutions and school leaders should have realised by now that the race for success is getting harder and harder, hence the need for them to rise  and shine,” she said.

Minister Mondon also spoke of the need for our educational establishments to meet the ever increasing manpower needs of the country as to have a sustainable work force who is well trained and highly qualified.

The audience listening to a presentation on the award system    

“A country’s prosperity depends on a well educated workforce and the Ministry of Education has the mandate to ensure that our country has a qualified and skilful workforce in order to sustain its economic development,” the minister said.

Minister Mondon also expressed her trust in our educational establishments to brace the challenges as they possess attributes necessary to move forward and embrace the reforms to take our education system to a higher level.

“We know that initiatives and innovations need to be embedded into the culture of institutions in order to have significant impacts.  In this light the new award system will support and sustain education reform initiatives already implemented to transform our schools and professional centres into pro-active, innovative, productive and result-oriented institutions,” Minister Mondon said.
The minister appealed to all parties concerned to grab this unique opportunity to bring pride to their establishment.

“I would like to appeal to all our educational leaders of our institutions to avail themselves of this opportunity and rise to the new challenges, mobilise and sensitise your staff, students and parents on the benefit of participating in the project and do what it takes to win the award.  A win for your institution is a win for all of us -- educators, students, parents and the community,” Minister Mondon said.

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