The rationale for the award system


The aims of this project are to:
• Support and sustain education reform initiatives already implemented in the institutions
• Transform education institutions into pro-active, innovative and productive institutions
• Enhance the culture of hard work and result-oriented institutions
• Transform the way in which institutions operate
• Bring about marked improvement in all aspects of the operations of education institutions
• Enhance the ability of institutions to embrace change

The award categories
There will be three main categories namely:
• Best performing institution
• Most improved institution
• Most innovative institution

Criteria for award
• Student management
• Performance of management
• Ethos
• Performance of students
• Projects initiated/implemented
• Extent of implementation/strategic plan
• Staff management

Organisation and management of the award system
The award system will be managed, coordinated and monitored by an overseeing/steering committee under the direction of the principal secretary for Education.  All educational institutions will register for participation and there will be three main categories, specifically primary, secondary and post-secondary.  The competition will be organised on a yearly basis whereby a panel of jury will be appointed to judge the institutions based on established criteria.  The winners will receive awards such as grants and monetary rewards.  Award recipients will also have the opportunity to present their projects in a special award presentation ceremony.

Panel of jurors will be set up to rate the schools at around the same time, so all institutions stand the same chance of moving into the next round as judging will be done over three rounds.  Panels will include personnel from different schools/institutions and sectors of the Ministry of Education.  In the first round all institutions/schools would be visited twice and those scoring over 70% would then move into the second round where the winners will be identified.


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