Messenger completes latest leg of ambitious project


 Simon Messenger (no. 4008) in a souvenir photo with the other runners and officials

His aim is to run in 80 events in various locations around the world, and Seychelles was the venue for his latest adventure.
He arrived in Seychelles on June 6 with his newlywed wife for their unusual honeymoon.

Last Sunday, Messenger and a small group of runners met at the Beau Vallon regatta site at 7am for the half-marathon that followed the same routes as the Eco-friendly marathon.

Unfortunately, Simon had an upset tummy and could not run the half-marathon, he ran over 10 kilometres instead.

Thomas Kilindo (1h28:09), Herbert Adrienne (1h32:29), Maggy Harray (2h11:08), Florise Ernesta (2h12:39) and Zsaklin Miklos (2h25:51) completed the half-marathon.

S. N.

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