Despilly William launches Bonzour Sesel promotional DVD


Minister St Ange accepting a copy of Bonzour Sesel promotional DVD from Mr William

Following months of shooting and casting, Despilly William’s Bonzour Sesel promotional DVD contains interviews, videos and 11 heated sound tracks of his career in a manner to give additional visibility to Seychelles as a tourism destination.
The work is also attracting commercial success as it has been described as a huge hit for Seychelles.

Despilly William said this “pure” commercial DVD features 11 of his biggest hits among which are Mardilo, Beau Vallon and the title track Bonzour Sesel.

Mr William presented a copy to the DVD to Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange who also features in the interview of the Bonzour Sesel shooting clips.

Minister St Ange has congratulated Mr William for this achievement, saying the promotional DVD is a good promotional tool for Seychelles.

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