National Day activities-Dedicated parking spaces to ease traffic flow


On June 16 for the official opening of the National Show, vehicular access to the sports complex and to the NSC Hall where the ceremony will be held will be through the central gate next to the security control point.

After the ceremony, VIPs will exit through the swimming pool gate and invited guests through the central gate.

Those taking part in the National Show are strongly advised to keep vehicular movements to and from their allocated stalls to a minimum.

On June 17 and 18 only authorised vehicles will gain access into Stad Linite. Parking for members of the public will be at the Roche Caiman district playing field, and water sports center.

SPTC buses will station in the area next to the Ste Anne jetty.
Police will be on the road during the three-day celebrations to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

Motorists not attending the National Day celebrations are advised to use the road through Cascade, Plaisance and Mont Fleuri when driving between the international airport and Victoria, and vice versa.

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