Chinese navy vessel graces Port Victoria


Rear Adm. Yuan Yubai talking to the press

The official friendly June 16-20 visit coincides with Seychelles’ 20th National Day celebrations.

Sailors from the vessel will take part in the National Day parade tomorrow.

The CNS Harbin forms part of the Escort Task Group (ETG) 112 of the Chinese People Liberation Army (PLA) navy. It is being commanded by Rear Adm. Yuan Yubai.

Soon after arriving in Port Victoria early yesterday morning, Rear Adm. Yuan Yubai and Cdr.  Fei Shinong welcomed a large group of Chinese nationals and other visitors including the local press for a short briefing and tour of the vessel.

Rear Adm. Yuan said the visit here has great significance as it is the first time the vessel docks in a port to take part in recreational activities during its escort mission in the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia.

“Seychelles is a very nice tourist destination. There are many beautiful natural scenic spots here and it is a good place for the crew to rest after a long period at sea,” said Rear Adm. Yuan.
“It is a great honour for us that our sailors will take part in a parade for the first time in a foreign country,” he added.

Officials from the vessels will call on government and military officials while here and will also visit the Coast Guard base and the counter piracy centre.

The CNS Harbin in Port Victoria yesterday

The major task of the Escort Task Group (ETG) 112 of the Chinese People Liberation Army navy is to maintain the security of all Chinese ships and their crew that sail through the Gulf of Aden and protect all ships delivering humanitarian goods and materials for the United Nations’ World Food Programme. It has been conducting these missions in the Gulf of Aden and the waters off Somalia since 2008.

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