Our Constitution is 20 years old …


Drafted by the Seychelles People’s Progressive Front and the Democratic Party, the document was approved by 73.6% of the electorate or 28,019 voters.

According to the Constitution of the Third Republic of Seychelles (Preparation and Promulgation) Act, the draft needed to be approved by at least 60% of the votes cast to become the new Constitution.

The number of people who cast their ballot in the referendum on June 18, 1993 was 38,063 out of some 47,000 registered voters.
There were 9,280 voters or 24.4% of the electorate who did not approve the new Constitution.

June 18 was later declared as the country’s National Day in the Third Republic.

Twenty years tomorrow since that day, Seychelles Nation brings you down memory lane with highlights of major events as they occurred during the period of transition from December 1991.

This document was first published in the Friday June 17, 1994 issue of the Seychelles Nation newspaper.

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