IOT rewards employee and supervisor for good work output


Mr Payet and Ms Ernesta in the company of GM Madnack (centre) and other management staff of the company

They received their certificates in a short ceremony at the IOT training room recently.
Present at the ceremony were IOT general manager Joram Madnack and other staff.

In a small speech Mr Madnack thanked Mr Payet and Ms Ernesta for their devotion towards their work. 
“Ms Ernesta and Mr Payet are two exemplary workers who can be depended on to make our company move forward,” said Mr Madnack.

He added that if only all the IOT workers where here to be presented with the employee of the quarter certificate, IOT would be the greatest company in the world.

The award, besides showing that the company appreciates and cares for exemplary performance, also maintains motivation and enthusiasm among employees to do well at work.

Hubert Payet, senior supervisor utilities, is a member of the engineering department. He joined IOT in 2005. He attended  numerous training and personal development programmes made available by IOT, namely, First Aid and CPR, supervisory and leadership skills, energy management, to name a few. 

“I remember when Hubert came back from attending a training programme in France he was forthcoming with numerous improvement initiatives and I admire him for having such a courage, for he wants our company to move forward,” Mr Madnack said when addressing Mr Payet personally.

The employee of the first quarter for the year Florise Ernesta joined IOT in 2000. She works in the label and case department as a packer and caser. She was a nominee for the employee of the quarter for the period July-September 2009. That same year she won a lucky prize in a special raffle for exemplary performers. Ms Ernesta is very active in representing the company in social and sport activities. She is an outstanding performer in ladies’ long distance running at national level as well as in the IOT sports day. She was referred to by her head of department, Roy Collin, as a worker who always works with a smile on her face and is always punctual. 

Mr Payet and Ms Ernesta received a cheque as a token gesture for winning the titles employee and supervisor of the first quarter respectively.
IOT has said it is committed to this event as it motivates the workers to give the best in their respective field. 

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