International Public Service Day-‘Efficient public service key to progress,’ says President


President Michel

“While the private sector is the engine of economic growth, our public service must provide a facilitating and favourable environment for businesses to function and for citizens to obtain timely and quality services,” adds the President in his message, the full text of which reads:

“In my National Day address this year, I made reference to the bureaucratic obstacles that still hinder the setting up and expansion of businesses, especially at a time when many Seychellois are espousing the national call to Leve Debrouye. Instead of telling an entrepreneur that a project proposal does not meet this or that standard, we should explain how it can be improved to meet the required standard. I would like to reiterate my call for all ministries, departments and public sector agencies to take immediate steps to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, and to simplify the rules, regulations and procedures that are necessary for the fair and orderly conduct of business in Seychelles, and the delivery of quality services to the public. Organisations must remain continuously receptive to client feedback so that the services they provide meet the high standards expected of them. The rapid expansion of information communication technology in Seychelles provides an excellent opportunity for transforming the speed and manner in which public services and information can be provided through innovative e-government mechanisms.

“We are proud that Seychelles is widely recognised internationally for its commendable progress in this sector. The development of ICT has the potential for a real paradigm shift in the way we deliver services to the public. We must not forget however that there are some aspects of good public service which do not need any new technology, for example, promptness, courtesy, service with a smile, or going the extra mile to give helpful advice and guidance. These qualities should be an integral part of the culture of our public service.

“On the occasion of International Public Service Day, I thank and congratulate all public sector workers, and urge them to continue to give of their best, and strive to make our public service one that truly commands the respect, trust and confidence of all Seychellois.”

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