Church’s youth arm emerges


As by some definitions of our name EMERGE (to become manifest; become known; to rise from an obscure, dark or inferior position and condition) we work towards helping youths
• Discover their purpose
• Dig their potential to fulfil that purpose
• Develop that potential
• Display the potential
On the platform of EMERGE we put emphasis on 7 main areas including:
1. Education and sport
2. Media, Art and Culture
3. Government and Politics
4. Business
5. Religion
6. Family
7. Community Service

As we equip, encourage, motivate and challenge youths to develop as a whole and a complete person in (Spirit, Mind and Body) we are envisioning to see a healthier generation emerging all-round, which we know will be a catalyst towards “En Nouvo Sesel”

Briefing on the Sunday event “ENCOUNTER”
The cry of the youths of our nation has birthed compassion in our heart to assist our community and Nation as a whole, which is part of our inputs in line with the Social Renaissance programme.
“ENCOUNTER” is a gathering of youths from various denominations, ministries, youth groups and other youth related institutions.

The aim of this Encounter was for youths to align themselves with their creator and also showcase their talents. (In line with our theme for this episode)

Our Sunday Episode was under the theme “Breaking the shackles/chains” with an objective of getting the youths to willingly make a decision to free themselves by the help of their Creator, from the chains that bound them both spiritually and physically (Drugs, alcohol and other addictions, spiritual forces, low self image etc..)
(We meet once every month mostly on the 3rd Sunday, 3pm-5:45pm for the Encounter programme)
As part of our programme we had dramas, mimes, songs, poems, dance presentations from various youth groups including youths from Wellness Centre and Soldiers for Christ and also featuring some young local artists such as Smash Kid, Fastidious and Genna Clarisse.

It was a colourful and joyful programme as our dress code for this Encounter was “Mardi Gras”. We chose this dress code because we wanted to pass a message that it’s not who you are on the outside but who you are on the inside that gives you your identity. (It’s not much about the container but its content)
We had around 200 plus youths in attendance as well as some parents.

Our Next ENCOUNTER which will be a Youth Rally is scheduled for Saturday July 13,3pm onwards at University of Seychelles auditorium Anse Royale.
It is expected to be a life empowering programme under the theme “CHARGE TO TAKE CHARGE” by Ministering Pastor Peter Amenkhienan, who is the Special Assistant to the RCCG General Overseer for youth affairs.

Youths from all corners of Seychelles are welcome for this great experience.
For more information please contact Mrs Sibylla Mederic (EMERGE P.R officer) 2722856 or Mrs Tahirie Elisabeth (EMERGE Administrator) 2514028


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It was interesting and fun too.

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