Female police officers trained in gender issues


A group photograph of delegates and their facilitators

The session, facilitated by Mahrookh Pardiwalla, assisted by Sofie Bonnelame of the gender secretariat, focused on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (Cedaw) and the SADC Gender and Development Protocol.

The main objectives of the training were to raise awareness of but at the same time analyse the gender impacts on the work of police and its implications in the workplace. 
The training also considered ways in which the police can better protect the rights of women.

It was clear that the session brought out the complex gender dynamics of domestic violence cases and the need for police officers to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge to protect the vulnerable and uphold justice. 

Know your neighbourhood was also a striking factor which needs strengthening at the community policing level. 
At the end of the day mainly through a series of interactive role plays, viewing of short documentaries and other forms of sensitisation methods, delegates were able to look at various aspects of their duties in another perspective, and using gender lens. 

This new vision will undoubtedly enable these police officers to relook at the way they have been working, the way they have interacted with other work colleagues, and be in the position to share this vision with other members of the police force, hence ensuring a more gender sensitive service delivery.  Delegates walked away from the workshop fully appreciating the need for standards in politeness, clear instructions, and cautious attitude and develop the tactics, skills and competences to deal with perpetrators as well as the victims of domestic violence, including children.

The day’s session was launched by the special adviser for Social Affairs, Marie-Josée Bonne, who reiterated society’s commitment to peaceful and strong families and communities and adherence to the ‘zero tolerance’ policy especially against such social ills as domestic violence.

This activity was funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) Small Grants Programme, and follows sensitisation and training conducted last year with members of the justice system.

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