Minister visits garage and bakery


The Minister for Labour and Human Resource Development, accompanied by high officials from her ministry, was greeted by managing director Danny Monthy at the EZY garage, who then took the delegation on a guided tour of the garage.

Minister Alexander interacting with staff at the garage

During the visit, Minister Alexander had the opportunity to speak and interact with each of the ten employees currently employed at the garage.
Overall, they all said they are very happy with their working conditions.

Minister Alexander commended Mr Monthy on his good work in recruiting youths and providing them with training.

During the debriefing, Mr Monthy discussed the difficulties he is faced with in finding qualified personnel on the labour market.

The meeting concluded with both parties pledging to work together in the future, with the ministry giving the support to assist with qualified personnel and Mr Monthy taking on board youths on the Skills Development Schemes offered by the ministry.

At the Stone Mill Bakery, the ministerial delegation were welcomed by the production manager, Peter Black, who took them on a tour of the different operations conducted at the bakery.

Minister Alexander interacting with staff at the bakery

Minister Alexander took the time to speak to the staff and was very pleased to learn that their concerns previously raised to the ministry had been taken care of and that the employees were now satisfied with their work arrangements. 

Mr Black, who is a foreign investor with many years of experience as a baker, has a workforce that is 100% Seychellois. He is ready to provide training to the youths on one of the schemes offered by the ministry with the possibility of employing them after they have completed their training.

At the end of the visit, Minister Alexander stressed the important role that the private sector plays in our economy and looks forward to more collaboration in future.
Mr Black thanked the minister for her visit and affirmed that his company is ready to assist her ministry where possible.

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