BHC to hold student visa presentation on July 3


Organised in partnership with the British high commission Pretoria, it will offer students in Seychelles intending to apply for a UK student visa the opportunity to meet one of the Entry Clearance Officers from Pretoria, Paul Michael.

Mr Michael will deliver a presentation and conduct a Q & A session designed to enable students to better understand the rules and application process that their student visa applications will be considered against.

Students are requested to be at the British high commission in Victoria at 10am for the presentation.
“The UK remains committed to attracting the very best students to the UK to take advantage of the tremendous study opportunities that we offer,” Mr Michael said.

“It is our hope that as a result of this engagement, students will be better placed to make their application, increasing their chances of being successful at the first time of applying. We wholeheartedly feel that coming to the Seychelles to meet prospective students and to explain the intricacies of the immigration rules and application process is a worthwhile investment,” he added.

Visa applicants will still need to make their application and payment online at Students will need to send a copy of their online application; originals and copies of their supporting documents; their passport and one passport photograph to the British high commission in Port Louis by July 17, 2013 at the very latest, which must be sent by return courier to avoid unnecessary delays.

To facilitate the process students will be able to book an appointment to give their biometric information in Seychelles on August 8 as part of the online application process. Once the biometric details have been taken, it should take approximately three weeks for the visa application to be considered. 

Further details on applying for a visa can be obtained from the British high commission website:

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