Plaisance secondary marks National Day


Though the main event was held on June 19, other activities were organised on June 17 where all female members of staff organised a special lunch to mark Father’s Day.

Male staff members enjoying lunch to mark Father’s Day

The head teacher, Ghislaine Monthy, said at this special lunch that they wanted to show their appreciation to the gentlemen of the school and thus the reason for hosting such a treat.
This special lunch was very much appreciated by the male staff members as such activity helps strengthen the unity and congenial atmosphere that exist at the school.

As for the main event on June 19, patriotic songs were sung by students from the four houses that operate at the school.
There were also sketches by students and even teachers got in on the act to sing well known patriotic songs which reverberated on the school grounds as students joined in the chorus to enhance the ambiance.

Students performing sketches

There was also an exhibition in the school lobby depicting different events that have taken place in the last 20 years of the Third Republic where students’ work were displayed to add flavour and colour to the celebration.

On June 21, the school’s wildlife club members in conjunction with the Botanical Garden Foundation took part in a tree-planting activity at the school’s environment garden as well as planting endemic plants in the medicinal garden.

The tree-planting activity

The celebration of National Day at the school is an annual event where both staff and students come together to show their patriotism as well as celebrate the significance of this day to the people of this country.

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