Voice of Our Nation Monument … five years on


A past flag-raising ceremony at the Voice of Our Nation monument

Five years on the monument, which symbolises the unity of our people and comprising a 7m by 3.5m national flag, the largest in the country, rising at the top of a 25m stainless steel pole, proudly reminds us of our national symbols.

Apart from the flag itself which stands majestically in the middle, three bronze plaques – one  carrying the image of the first pages of our Constitution with the words of its preamble, another showing Seychelles islands and the third featuring the armorial bearings, grace the base of the monument.

Tomorrow, as it has been the case for the last five years, a flag-raising ceremony is being organised at the monument to mark our Independence Day anniversary.
Patriotic songs and spiritual reflections will form part of the ceremony.

This year marks 37 years since Seychelles gained its independence on June 29, 1976.

Besides the flag-raising ceremony, the highlight of celebrations to mark this occasion will be the annual inter-school athletics competition.

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