Flag-raising ceremony marks Independence Day


Guests watch as the national flag is raised

The event was attended by President James Michel, Vice-President Danny Faure, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Herminie, Chief Justice Fredrick Egonda-Ntende, President of the Court of Appeal Francis MacGregor, judges, ministers, members of the diplomatic corps and of the National Assembly, among other invited guests.

The day was blessed by a prayer from different church leaders who form the Seychelles Interfaith Religious Council (Sifco), led by Bishop Denis Wiehe of the catholic mission.

They thanked God for the light which he has spread over the Seychellois nation, and for the beauty, resources and people which bless our land.
They prayed that we remain united as a people, and that we are spared from poverty, crime and bad influences.

This year’s ceremony was distinguished by a large youth participation in all the activities on the programme. While the National Anthem was interpreted by three girls from the School’s Choir, Sandra performed the national theme song, Travay dir pour nou Sesel. The Children’s Choir also entertained the small crowd present with George Payet’s composition, Mon pei dan soley, which had earned the choir 3rd prize in the open category of this year’s National Day artistic competition.

As it received the salute of a youthful guard of honour, the Seychelles flag was ceremoniously raised by a group of seven young soldiers from the Coast Guard, after it had been handed over to them by six children from the Young Citizens’ Movement, the Scouts’ Association and the President’s Awards Scheme.

The honour of addressing the guests went to the newly crowned Miss Seychelles, Agnes Gerry, who delivered a message of hope to Seychellois youth and asked them to reflect on the opportunities they have.

“Let us all reflect on how we are enjoying our freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. With the opportunities we have, let us make a positive change in our lives and in our country by protecting our environment, morality and ethics. This should be our goal for the future,” she said.

The flag-raising ceremony has become an Independence Day tradition for the last six years, since the La Voix de la Nation monument -- which symbolises our unity through our national symbols -- was erected in 2008.

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