Datamena welcomes CWS to its ecosystem in Dubai


“The addition of Cable & Wireless Seychelles will provide seamless access between the Seychelles, Africa and the UAE, to the benefit of end-customers both in datamena and the region. Telecom operators and content providers will be able to peer with Cable & Wireless Seychelles on the region’s leading Internet Exchange, UAE-IX, which is located within datamena,” said Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice-President of datamena.

“This collaboration with Cable & Wireless Seychelles is an exciting development for datamena, and will deliver increased value to our customers.”

“We are pleased to extend our international network to the operators in the UAE, and to the open ecosystem in datamena.  We see datamena as a platform to grow our business in the region. It allows us to interconnect with other carriers and to source IP in a cost-effective way in from the open IP transit market, thereby allowing us to increase and improve our reach to customers in the Seychelles, Africa, and the UAE,” said Charles Hammond, chief executive of  Cable & Wireless Seychelles.




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