Amalgamated Tobacco goes green with photo-voltaic system


Amalgamated Tobacco general manager Steve Khambatta (left) and Sea and Sun Technology’s installation engineer Jim Lesperance

Amalgamated Tobacco Company (Seychelles) recently signed a contract with Sea and Sun Technology (Seychelles), for an 80Kw photo-voltaic system which will be installed on the roof of its building at Point Larue.

Sea and Sun Technology partners with LG Electronics to provide cutting edge mono-crystaline panels that are guaranteed to produce at 80% capacity over 25 years. These panels are perfect for the tropics and are resistant to ammonia (i.e. can cope with bird poo) and sea spray.

Amalgamated Tobacco Company will be making a considerable investment in the project, which will be delivered in two phases.

Phase one of the renewable energy system for 40Kw, will significantly reduce its reliance on electricity supply from the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC), particularly during day-time when they will be able to produce enough energy from the sun to cover at least 50% their energy needs.

Phase two will involve additional panels, bringing the business’ capacity to 80Kw, thus making further significant savings in terms of operations.

They will however, remain connected to the grid for the occasional times when bad weather reduces the effectiveness of the solar panels.

The photo-voltaic system should pay for itself in three years and general manager Steve Khambatta feels that "it would be nice to see more companies get involved in going green, particularly as the Seychelles government is pushing for sustainable development”.

"Amalgamated Tobacco wants to be part of this New Seychelles, and would like to showcase how locally owned companies can contribute to making our country an eco-destination."  

Sea and Sun Technology ( is a German-based company with an office in Seychelles and provides an all-inclusive service, from planning your PV project for your home or business, sourcing ISO 9001 certified renewable energy systems from partner organisations, shipping from one source to avoid delays, installations by local technicians as well as a year of monitoring and maintenance.

"We pride ourselves on supplying Seychelles with German quality product and services and feel we all should work together to reduce our reliance on expensive imported fossil fuels and thus improve our local economy,” said managing director Yves Maurel.

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