Enough is enough – Unite against gender-based violence


The organisation is calling on all women to do the same for ‘enough is enough’.
A statement from the chairperson of Waso, Rosemary Elizabeth, reads:

“We, women must stand up and denounce violence that you see around you. Violence is violence and must be dealt with so everyone can live in peace and harmony. We enter into a relationship to experience LOVE, TRUE LOVE AND NOT VIOLENCE.

“Therefore if you are experiencing domestic violence, or violence in the relationship you are in, Waso plead you not to remain silent about it. There are so many places where you can go to seek help and so many organisations who can help you to name but a few such as Probation and Social Services, Association for the Promotion of Solid Families, ASFF, the Police and for sure Waso who has an  Empowerment Helpline which you can call anytime day and night. The number is  2530707.

“We are all there for you and we will help you if you call our Helpline contact an organisation you know or you can even talk to your church leaders about it.

“Do not hesitate to call us either for advice or assistance as you see your relationship taking the wrong turning or as you start to experience violence in your relationship. It can start with a shout but can end in regular fight or other forms of violent abuse if you do not seek help early enough as you notice such signs.

“Waso appeal goes more specifically to women and young girls. Don’t let yourself or your children suffer yet you remain in abusive relationship.. If it is happening to you right now, report it, seek help immediately before it’s too late. Don’t allow your close relatives and friends and all those who love you say “si mon ti konnen”, when it’s too late, because by that time nothing can be done. It will be “too late really”. So get out of an abusive, violent relationship now if you see that it’s getting worse day by day.

“As a victim seek help and once you manage to survive, join us, join the Unite for Peace campaign and together let us unite to end gender-based violence. You can also join the monthly ORANGE Day UN campaign aimed more directly at ending violence against women and girls

“In conclusion Waso expresses its sincere condolences to the family who has lost its loved one and expresses its sorrow with the one responsible for such act for we know that he too is suffering at this moment and maybe is full of regrets.

“In solidarity with them all and with all those families, relatives and friends let us make Thursday this week an Orange Day, as we cry out for LOVE and PEACE in the relationship. Wear Orange this Thursday.”

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