Prices of cooking gas go up


The new price represents an increase of R5.35 per kilo on the actual price, but is R2.15 less than the R7.50 that was predicted and due in July 2013.

In a press release Sepec says that the smaller increase is due to it securing its LPG cargo at a more favorable price, meaning it can now sell LPG at a market price of R20.35 per kilo and fully cover the cost of landed cargo and its margin.

Meanwhile, the price of LPG for the commercial sector is due to be revised on August 1, 2013 to reach R20.35 per kilo as well, hence eliminating the two-tier pricing system that is currently in place. This is being done much earlier than anticipated.

To enhance the consistency in the pricing of LPG, an automated pricing adjustment mechanism is being proposed, and if it is accepted by the government it will bring much needed stability to the pricing.

Price adjustments would, henceforth, occur twice a year, namely in the months of April and October, coinciding with a six-month stock capacity import at the current consumption. 

Updated LPG retail prices
LPG (kg)    Retail price in rupees

4.5kg         R84.15
9 kg           R168.30
12kg          R224.40
24kg          R704.40
48kg          R1,408.80

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