APSHF steps up its services on Praslin


One of the sessions in full swing

After many setbacks, the Association for the Promotion of Solid Humane Families (APSHF) which has continuously been working with families through a branch of its association set up on the island since 2006, has finally been able to bring together eight unmarried couples for these sessions.

The sessions were done in two series – from June 14 to 16, and from June 28 to 30.

According to the chief executive of the APSHF Rosie Denis, being able to organise the two series of sessions on Praslin is a great achievement and encouragement.
 “It is a dream come true for the association as this has been on our agenda for quite some time now and we have been working tirelessly to get the message through to couples and families on the island,” said Mrs Denis.

In existence for nearly 19 years now, the APSHF has been reaching out to many families, couples and children across the country, promoting spiritual and good living values in families but it has stepped up its effort in the wake of the national social renaissance campaign.

According to Mrs Denis, the eight couples who took part in the sessions were a mix of both older and younger generations who, once they got the gist of what they were in for, became so engrossed and started to open up and share their innermost sentiments and expressed the desire to learn more.

Mrs Denis and other volunteers of the APSHF addressed issues like communication in relationships, fidelity, how to appreciate one another and managing conflicts just to name a few. All these are key elements to make a relationship stronger and healthier with the blessing of God.
“There are many positive responses from the couples and two of them have already decided to get married soon,” said Mrs Denis. 
Mrs Denis added that couples have been living together for 31 years.

The couples who have successfully completed the sessions will be awarded certificates which they will provide to the priests once they decide to have their union blessed in church.
Feeling very much encouraged by its success on Praslin, the APSHF is looking forward to working with more couples there in the future.

Meanwhile, Mrs Denis is calling on couples who are married or unmarried and who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships – either with their spouse, children or any other members of their family or community – to seek the APSHF help.

“We are here to help you improve your family life. Our society is witnessing too many family breakups and divorce and many children are suffering as a result. Families need to be strong and should be built on firm spiritual foundation with God.  We are here to help you re-evaluate the worth of your relationships and the sessions are free of charge and are being provided wholeheartedly,” Mrs Denis said.

The next meeting for unmarried couples on Mahé is being held at the Priest House, the Domus, in Victoria this weekend.
The APSHF is also conducting a new programme – Education à la vie – targeting parents and children. Parents who wish to better understand their roles as parents at the centre of their families are cordially invited to attend.

J. Anacoura

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