Terence Madeleine launches new single


Terence presenting copies of his single to members of Les Li Viv, his contribution for this year to this pro-life organisation

Recorded by Eddy Telemaque of Relations Studio and entitled Sesel Mon Pei, the track which has earned the poet and vocalist second prize in the National Day arts competition, appears also in its instrumental and poetry versions.

Terence or ‘TENS’ as he is known, has succeeded in offering in the same album, an original blend of poetry and music which he has himself called “a new musical portrait”.

Mina’s accompanying sensual voice adds an esthetic element to the otherwise patriotic mood created by the military march which the artist has chosen as musical genre.

Terence has however given another title, Selebre Sesel, to the poetry version as the piece of recital celebrates the beauty of his home land and the diversity of the Creole culture.

Apart from the patriotic touch Terence has not missed to include a spiritual dimension to the CD.

“Annou ranpli nou pei Sesel avek en lafwa spirityel. Annou aret demande ki nou pei i kapab fer pou nou, annou leve e debrouye,» the artist says in his native creole.

Buy your copy of Sesel Mon Pei, a perfect National Day or Seychelles’ souvenir, from Terence or at usual music outlets for only R40.

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