New project to improve power supply in South Mahé


The study will provide proposals of all the feasible solutions that achieve the project requirements and comparisons of options and alternative solutions technically and economically.

Among the benefits of the proposed network are the improvement of quality and security of electricity supply.

It is designed to cater for 20 MVA additional load and will help to improve voltage regulation, operational flexibility.

The new network is set to cater for load growth for the next 20 years and new hotel developments will be able to connect to it.

As part of the project, new 33KV substations are expected to be constructed at Au Cap, Anse Royale, Quatre Bornes, Takamaka, Baie Lazare, Anse à la Mouche and Port Launay.

The proposed network is being planned for underground and overhead configuration.
This project is part of PUC’s overall plan to enhance the electricity network for that region.

Districts who will benefit directly from the project are Pointe Larue, Anse aux Pins, Aux Cap, Anse Royale, Takamaka, Baie Lazare, Grand Anse Mahé and Port Glaud.

Meetings were held this week with residents of these districts to present the project to them.

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