Are we ready to take responsibility for the future of our planet?


The students in a souvenir photograph with guests after they had been presented with their certificates

The prize giving ceremony for the southern hemisphere was held recently in Seychelles at the Botanical Gardens.

The Living Rainforest is an educational charity that uses ecology as a metaphor for communicating sustainability issues to the public and specialist audiences. It works internationally to promote education for sustainability developments. It runs an annual essay competition – one for the northern hemisphere and one for the southern hemisphere schools.

Last year all Seychelles public schools took part in the competition and some officials went to the main events that took place in the UK. Karl Hansen, director of The Living Rainforest, decided to host the debate and prize giving for the southern hemisphere in Seychelles. 

Present at the event were Mr Hansen himself and officials of The Living Rainforest, students and teachers. There were students from Bulgaria, India and Dubai.

Fifteen of our students from primary and secondary schools received an Honourable Mention certificate. Chol้ Vidot of Bel Eau primary school, Ronaldino Denis (Anse Etoile primary), Ray Cecile and Liza Pierre (both from Beau Vallon secondary) all received a trophy of merit.

Those who were present got the chance to listen to a presentation by Kehkashan Basu, the chair of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth and also a Youth Advisor to the World Future Council.

While giving her presentation she explained why she feels it is the children who should voice out to the leaders to protect the environment. She used her favourite quote of Pope John Paul 2 to voice out her plea to the other students: “The future starts today not tomorrow”.

“Seychelles shows a great deal of leadership, political and education wise, towards the environment. And Seychelles is a shining example of what our job is all about,” Mr Hansen told Seychelles Nation at the ceremony.

His advice to the children of Seychelles is to keep fighting for our environment, keep on with the attitude of solving their problems and not waiting on others to do so.
He feels that with such attitude, Seychelles will not have to worry about the environment’s future.

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