Sailing-Alcindor, Govinden and Gardette winners


Ryan Alcindor, Rodney Govinden and Jean-Marc Gardette won both races in the respective classes.

With the wind constantly changing directions, the organisers had a tough task in establishing the race course. The wind conditions proved a challenge for the competitors as well, though they were all in good spirits before the races and that was evident when seeing former Sportsman of the Year Allan Julie taking his pet dog out to sea with him and he seemed as comfortable with sailing as his owner.

Optimist winner Ryan Alcindor (number nine)

Ryan Alcindor had started the series with good momentum, earning wins in both races for the Optimists. In race one, he finished ahead of Herve Lafortune and in the second race it was Scott Andre who was second to him. It is to note that it was Scott Andre who was the winner of the last series which he won ahead of Alcindor by one point.

Rodney Govinden, winner of the laser category

In the Laser category, Rodney Govinden kept his strong performance going with two wins in as many races on Saturday. Govinden, who won the previous series ahead of Allan Julie, finished race one ahead of Paul Morel while in race two it was Julie who was hot on his heels. Govinden therefore holds the early lead in the twelve race series.

Windsurfing winner Jean Marc Gardette

In the Windsurfing category, four competitors were present and it was Jean-Marc Gardette who dominated things with two first place finishes to put him on top of the standings. In both races, Gardette finished ahead of last series’ winner Stephan Stravens.
The competitors are also preparing for a regional competition which is expected to take place next month, with the participation of sailors from the region.

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