Japanese experts present findings of local coastal erosion study


Mr Agricole addressing delegates at the opening of the workshop yesterday

This was during a half-day workshop yesterday at the International Conference Centre in the presence of principal secretary for environment and energy Wills Agricole and a delegation from Mauritius.

The study was carried out by experts from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica).

Among its aims, the workshop was to give an outline of the pilot project for coastal erosion and flood management, and to share information and experience of recent flooding which occurred in Mauritius and Seychelles earlier this year.

The workshop was aimed at enhancing awareness of coastal erosion and flooding for future climate change.

Jica team leader Dr Hashimoto and his team gave a presentation on the three-year study which cost US $3 million and the measures that should be taken to mitigate coastal erosion and flooding.

Among the findings, it has been seen that the main drainage and flooding problems are the results of urban development, improper drainage planning and design, and lowland developments such as schools.

Dr Hashimoto added that future developments can cause other such disasters as there is limited flat land and the population is increasing.
He also presented proposed structural and non-structural measures.

These measures will help to enhance coastal management and to reduce flood risks in the country, taking into account the severe coastal flooding experienced early this year along the east coast of Mahé and La Digue notably.

Mr Agricole said the study consists of several activities to ensure the safety of residents living along the coast and the dissemination of knowledge on risk reduction to population.

From the measures derived from the study, pilot projects at North East Point, Au Cap and on La Digue have also been carried out by the Jica experts.

The projects aimed at showing the effectiveness of these measures and to find new ones for the future.

Details of the three pilot projects were presented to those attending the workshop.

The team from Mauritius will be able to visit the three sites and learn from the Seychelles’ experience how they can enhance their understanding on coastal process, protection, rehabilitation and mitigation measures carried out locally.

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